Concept and production:

Any designs that are undertaken with ourselves at your request are, once paid in full your property. PJB Design hold no claim to the design and you may use the design as you wish. All designs created by ourselves are done and verified correct with you before process or completion.

File Conversion:

Designs requested by you for conversion into a cut or printable file are done as a service. Only. It does not give you free reign to reproduce the item or design. Any copyright that applies to the design in its original form will still apply to the cut file. It is your own responsibility to be mindful and respective of the design and its application. For most instances personal usage is allowed, however it is no responsibility of PJB Design should you fail to acknowledge any copyright and find yourself in any legal battle.

Cut Ready Files

Designs purchased as cut ready files are provided to you with full use for you to make and sell items using the files. You are NOT permitted to resell, upload to Facebook groups or modify the files in any way.