+ Access & Download Your Purchases

If you purchase without creating an account the system will create an account for you with your email you use when making your payment. I suggest creating an account prior to purchasing. You will need to log in to access your purchases. The images below show you how to access your files in a simple and easy process. There is also a duplicate of this information as a simple video showing you how to access your purchases at the bottom of this page

Your purchases will always be available in your account for future downloads if you need them.

NOTE - Many of the files in your purchases will be of a high file size, this is due to the high quality I save my designs at to ensure that you always get the very highest print out. As a result of these high file sizes and the fact you will be printing from your desktop when editing your designs to print I do not advise accessing your files on a mobile phone. The data used for one will be high and 2nd your download will most likely fail due to the large file size. Your account and the ability to access your purchases is available on any platform so there is no need to worry about having the need to download instantly - they will always be there.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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