Commercial Licence

Standard limited licence: 200 print limit

This is our standard issue licence with 99% of our digital product range. This licence will allow you the ability to use the purchased file and print it in any way you choose to 100 individual items that you can retail or gift to your friends, family or customers. There is no time limit to the licence other than the 300 individual prints across any substrate per design.

Extended unlimited licence: unlimited commercial print limit

If you are looking to produce large run retail items using any of my designs that will go above 300 individual items please contact me for an unlimited commercial licence to retail items in unlimited quantities. The commercial licence is £50 per design and includes POD use including customer activated designs via websites.

Sublimation Press Ready Prints

The licences within my designs do not permit the sale of designs for sublimation printing to 3rd parties. However if you wish to be able to print and sell press ready designs please contact me with your details of use.

Digital Resale & Distribution

No digital transfer of any of my designs are permitted under any circumstances.

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