Orlando Skyline Desk Pen Holder for 3D Printers

1,85 £

With the upsurge of home 3D printers creating personalised gifts is becoming an every day thing. This door sign can be printed in any colour(s) you choose and any size you choose too. If you printer is only single colour you can change filament using the pause feature if you have one or by hitting pause manually once you see the detail layer being formed.

1 x STL

1 x OBJ


Your digital file for your 3D printer will include both STL & OBJ file formats for wider compatibility. Please check your account / orders section for the link to the digital file.

You are permitted to use this file commercially to print and retail your finished printed items but you are not permitted to sell or upload this file in either its current form or edited. If you wish to have a commercial licence to sell an amended file format please send us details along with your new design for a licence allowing the resale of this file in edited formats.

Extended licence for 3D printed files are £10 each.

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