Coffee order mug
  • Coffee order mug

QR Code Coffee Order Milk 1 Sugar - Mug Design Template

3 Days

This is another of our brand new and unique interactive design series. Each design incorporates a scan able code that when scanned will give clear instruction to the person scanning. Whether its instruction for your drink requirements or to reward the listener with a cute sound bite to accompany the shirt design, bringing a smile to anyone's face and a fond memory of playing the game.

This design will allow you to print in as many colours as you desire. 

1 x SVG QR Code

1 x HQ PNG

1 x HQ PNG Transparent


All of our templates are provides as a single download file pack containing high quality PNG file at 300dpi.

All of our templates are provided to you with full commercial use licence giving you the total freedom to print and sell as many mugs containing this design as you desre, with no time restrictions. It DOES NOT provide you with any permission to alter or offer any resale in any shape or form or upload to any free or groups storage drives.

This template is provided in a zip format as an instant download to your account in the orders section. 

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