Unlimited Prints from 1 Single Digital Design Purchased - Extended Licence

No tax

Sometimes you just need to go above the designated print limitation of a design, this extended licence will allow you to remove any print restrictions and extend the use of the design purchased. This licence can be useful if you wish to print the design on multiple items and not have to worry about how many you are printing.

You will need 1x Licence for every design you wish to extend the print of.


If you would like to print unlimited quantities of any design available from my store you may remove any restrictions with an extended licence. This licence will provide an unrestricted print quantity for any single design purchased at the same time. This licence must be added to the basket and purchased with your design. 

Upon confirmation of your order you will be able to download an unsigned copy of the licence, soon after you will receive a digital version that will be emailed to your payment email address. This digital version will need to be signed electronically and will be listed as being attached to a particular design. Once done it will be emailed back to me and stored as a record of your purchase and licence rights. Digitally signed documents require no special software and you are required to just type in the boxes indicated in your email.

Unlimited Print
999 Items

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