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Electric Water Pump Tap - USB Rechargable Tap Holder Mounting Stand

Electric Water Pump Tap - USB Rechargable Tap Holder Mounting Stand

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Electric water pump taps are ideal for use in play kitchens, camping, and campervans, but securing them down so they dont move when used or keep falling out of place can bit a bit challenging more so if its for your childs play kitchen or making a cuppa on the move. I have designed this fitting ring to fit perfectly and you can secure it anyway you need. (I used glue as it had no need to be removed, but the tap can still be lifted out if needed.) 

The holder allows you to lift out the tap if you need to but keeps it firm in place when it is being used. The base of the holder is completely flat and smooth as glass. The size is 8.3 cm diameter. 

You can request this in any colour you choose to match any colour scheme in your van kitchen colour scheme or any colour your child likes if its for use in a little home kitchen.

The details for the tap from amazon is below, this is not an affiliate link , just me sharing the tap to fit this 3d printed item I am selling.

All 3d products are made from naturally sourced and renewable materials including corn starch, sugar cane and it is 100% biodegradable and eco friendly.

Retail items are posted in postal boxes and to reduce paper waste no packaging or delivery slips are included with your order. Orders for Christmas gifts and orders placed after September will be posted in festive boxes in a postal bag ready for gifting.

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